Jahr Titel Institution Land
2006 Reclaim the Future Switzerland
2011 United Alternative Energies Kunsthal Aarhus Denmark
2007, ongoing The Rocket for the Rest of Us San Francisco Art Institute USA
2020 Renewable Media Kunstverein Wolfsburg Germany
2020 Bonus Track 06 Kunsthaus Aussersihl Switzerland
2022 Publication: Concerning the human-made sky Nidwaldner Museum, Stans Schweiz
Meter above the Sealevel
2008 The Invasion of the Laughing Jackass Swiss Art Awards, Swiss Federal Office for Culture Switzerland
2013 Schwache Ölspuren im Sandstein (Faint Traces of Oil in Sandstone) – Days of an Elapsed Future Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich Switzerland
2011 The Bondage of Electrons Shedhalle Zurich Switzerland
2016 State of Hope Kunsthalle Arbon Switzerland
2010, ongoing End of Life – Contribution to the Inefficiency of Poetry Winterthurer Lichttage Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium
2008 No1 Sun Engine 11th Cairo International Biennale Egypt, Switzerland, France, Belgium
2006, ongoing Postpetrolism Was Heralded Here on 27 April 2006 Kunsthof Zurich Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom
2008 L’Energia siamo noi (We Are Energy) – Studio Frauenfeld Neuer Shed im Eisenwerk, Frauenfeld Switzerland
2011 Spirit of Hope Bex & Arts Switzerland
2008 Summer Tree Dream Kunstmuseum Thurgau Switzerland, Germany
2021 Art as Connection Aargauer Kunsthaus Switzerland
2022 Pictures-Heaven and Sky-Pictures #1–#4 Wallfahrtskirche Hergiswald Switzerland
2023, ongoing Self and World – Works from the Collection Nidwaldnen Museum Switzerland
2023 Solarity Prospects Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art, Berlin Germany
2010 A Road not Taken Switzerland, USA, Italy, Canada, Germany, Costa Rica, Spain, Tunisia, Austria, Israel, México, Russia
2014 Aare-Ticino Kunstmuseum Olten Switzerland
2021 Rotonda di San Martino Fondazione Ordine degli Architetti della Provincia di Genova Italy
2014 Noch sind wir in Europa [We are still in Europe] Kunstmuseum Olten Switzerland
2017, ongoing Relative Humidity – Relative Humanity (Prototype) Masein Mountain College Switzerland
2007 A Curiosity, a Museum Piece and an Example of a Road not Taken Fri-Art - Center of Contemporary Art Fribourg Switzerland, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium
2018 Wärme tauschen (Exchange Heat) Altes Dampfbad, Baden-Baden Germany
2018 Standard Observer Deviation (Categories by Abhijit Sarkar) Kunsthalle Arbon Switzerland
2019 Caravan (missing collages by Hannah Höch) Kunsthalle Memmingen Germany
2021, ongoing Observing Human Skies (Belgrade), 2021 Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade Serbia
2020 Why the Colour of the Sky Matters: Breaking Patterns #2 with Hemauer/Keller, Mirjam Varadinis and Jurczok 1001 art-werk Zoom-Webinar
2021 Which Irrationality Gives Strength? Villa Bleuler Talk Swiss Institute for Art Research (SIK-ISEA) Switzerland
2022 Uossa o mai – Now or Never Kunsthalle Fundaziun Nairs Switzerland
2022 Art Acquisitions by the City of Zurich 2018–2021 Helmhaus Zurich Switzerland
2024 Art Safiental Biennial Institut for Land and Environmental Art Switzerland
2015 In Direction of Rotation Kunstmuseum Olten Switzerland
2017 Not Yet Titled (Succulence) Dreier Frenzel, Architektur Switzerland
2021 Low Tech Centre culturel Forum Meyrin Switzerland
2016 Voyages atmosphériques (Concerning the Blueness of the Sky) Centre culturel suisse, Paris France, Belgium
2021 Sweet Turn Steindruckerei Wolfensberger Switzerland
2022 Homosphere Kunsthalle Mainz Germany
2024 Apropos Hodler – Current Perspectives on an Icon Kunsthaus, Zurich Switzerland
CERN – Art and Science Summit
2021 Along the beautiful river Aare Kunstmuseum Olten Switzerland
2016 La Partenza Art Collection of the Canton of Zurich Switzerland
2017 Untitled (blue) CAPC musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux France
2021 Acoustic Sky Funnel Locators Temporary Chapel Winterthur-Veltheim Switzerland
2021 Solar Imaginaries at Penn Program in Environmental Humanities University of Pennsylvania USA
2022 Concerning the Human-Made Sky Nidwalden Museum Switzerland
2022 Art auction for the benefit of refugees F+F School of Art and Design Switzerland
2022 Genova, a fragile city Palazzo Ducale, Genoa Italy
2023 Le Souvenir de Venise Biennale de l'Art et de la Nature Urbaine Switzerland
2011 Devotional Power Swiss Art Awards, Swiss Federal Office for Culture Switzerland, Denmark, Germany
2021 Sharity – share, exchange, do without Kunst(Zeug)Haus Switzerland
2021 Memory. About remembering and forgetting in unusual times Kunstmuseum Olten Switzerland
2013 Enlightenment in the 20th Century Helmhaus Zurich Switzerland
2020 La Partenza (Le cube) Valais School of Art / TLH Switzerland
2022 Nimmersatt? Imagining Society without Growth LWL-Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Germany
2014 The Accursed Water Wallis Triennale Switzerland
2013, ongoing A Chronology of Energy- and Art-related Developments Edizioni Periferia, Luzern Switzerland
2015, ongoing Energetic Helmaus Spirit Clearing Helmhaus Zurich Switzerland, Denmark
2015 In Direction of Rotation. Economy and Art Kunstmuseum Olten Switzerland
2015 Concerning the Blueness of the Sky Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich Switzerland
2015 En faire tout un plat (Making a Big Deal of It) The Longest Day, Zurich Switzerland
2015 In Direction of Rotation (forêt jardinée) Môtiers Art Switzerland
2009, ongoing Globalising the Internationale Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Russia