Le Souvenir de Venise

The contribution for (re)connecting.earth deals with the climate change we have already decided on. Because the ice sheets are melting slowly, most climate scientists expect the city of Venice to be lost in the next two to three hundred years. So far, no technical solutions are known to avert the loss. In the spirit of connecting with the future, it was planned to replace the signage at the Mouettes genevoises stops with the names of Venetian vaporetti stations for the duration of the Biennial.

The initial project had to be revised shortly before the opening. Using postcards, all visitors are invited to cover up the corresponding panel, take a photo of this new landscape and post it on Instagram identifying the Biennial @reconnecting.earth to keep a record.

In a second part of the project, an interdisciplinary symposium with representatives from art and science will be held to deal with the long-term consequences of climate change and to explore the following questions: What have we already decided? What if we could stop CO2 emissions now? What will happen if we achieve climate neutrality (Net Zero) in 2050, and what will happen if we only comply with what has been agreed so far in the international framework?

(re)connecting.earth (02)
1.9. – 1.10.2023

Biennial of Art and Urban Nature, Geneva