Energetic Helmaus Spirit Clearing

Installationsansicht, Foto: FBM Studio

It has been spewing in Helmhaus. But not anymore. The rooms have been neutralised by a healer. He has cast out all the evil spirits.

Every single room has been cleared of its old stories, of the unpleasantness that long since occurred in this ancient house. Here people were condemned and abused by authorities; authorities who held their banquets, sat in judgement over others, and exercised their power. The spirit medium explains where he senses negative energy, and tells of the foul, iniquitous and ineffable events that once transpired here – until he becomes sick in the process. He has been employed by the artist duo Hemauer and Keller to inspect every last room. By means of headphones one can listen to the audio recordings of these stories.

Return of the story

Whosoever has occasionally felt uneasy in Helmhaus, and up until now had attributed this to the challenging artworks on display here, now knows better. This place, steeped in history, was haunted by „bad vibes“. Thanks to Hemauer and Keller’s art action, the encrusted remains of human ignominy have been peeled away, layer by layer. The white cube has, indeed, been whitewashed. […]

Philipp Meier, Helmhaus in the year 3426,
NZZ 04.04.2015, p. 19

(Helmhaus is a medieval house in the center of Zurich, currently used as an exhibition space for contemporary art by the municipality of Zurich.)


Headphones with audio track (14 min.), headphones stands

Geschichte in Geschichten
13.2. – 12.4.2015

Limmatquai 31, CH-8001 Zürich
Öffnungszeiten: Di – So 10 – 18 h, Do – Fr 10 – 20 h

9.4., 18.30 h: Gespräch mit Katja Herlach und Dorothee Messmer (Leitung Kunstmuseum Olten), Daniel Morgenthaler (Kurator Helmhaus) und Hemauer/Keller

Switzerland, Denmark


2015: Helmhaus, Zurich
2011: Aarhus Art Building
2007: Contemporary Art Centre Fribourg